What to expect

We appreciate if you phone ahead on 09 849 2121, to notify us you are on your way but this is not essential.

Parking and entry

When you arrive we have ample parking available at the front of the building. The front doors are locked for security reasons. Press the doorbell located to the left of the main glass doors and one of our team members will open the door for you.

Urgency assessment

As soon as you arrive one of our experienced triage nurses will assess your pet. Our clinic runs on a triage basis which means you may not be seen in the order you arrive.

Waiting time estimate

Any pets with life threatening emergencies will be prioritised. We will give you an idea of the waiting time when you arrive, but it is difficult to be accurate due to the unpredictable nature of emergencies.

Urgent attention

If our nurse assesses your pet to need urgent veterinary attention, they will take your pet into the hospital area for immediate assessment and stabilisation by one of our emergency veterinarians.

Process update

You will be asked to wait in the reception area while this occurs, and the veterinarian assessing your pet will be out to talk to you with an update as soon as possible.

Compassionate care

You will receive respectful, empathetic and professional service from our team, and your pet will be cared for in a gentle and compassionate manner.

Treatment plan and costs estimate

During your consultation with the veterinarian, a diagnostic and treatment plan will be discussed with you. You will be given an estimate of costs before any procedures are done. If your pet is admitted into the hospital, we will ask for a deposit of 50% of the total estimated cost. The balance will be due when your pet is collected at discharge.

Please be assured that Animal Emergency Centre staff are on site at all times during our opening hours so if your pet is admitted into our hospital, they will receive a high standard of care during the day or night.

You are always welcome to call us for an update on how your pet is doing.

09 849 2121


What to Expect.
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